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Graceful Living

Grace Healthcare Through Our Employees Our Grace Healthcare Support Services team motivates facility employees to embrace the concept of socialization for every resident and acknowledge that the healing process and long-term health stability relies on Whole Person Care. Each energetic facility activity staff works daily to supplement wellness by delivering opportunities for residents to maintain a fulfilled and pleasurable stay. From one-on-one interaction to group participation, facility teams strive to utilize tailored activities to meet the individualized needs of their residents.

Our model of Graceful Living can be adopted by each facility. This model expresses both how care is delivered by staff, and how each facility team organizes and operates their building and programs.

As a part of the Graceful Living philosophy, we support facility teams in implementing:

  • Consistent Assignments – The practice of having the same staff members consistently care for the same residents to promote comfortability for the resident
  • Liberalized Dining – A focus on the dining experience, offering fine dining, flexible dining times, menu choices, and dining location options
  • Historical Photo Package – A charmingly nostalgic collection of classic black and white photo images displayed throughout the facility to assist residents in reminiscing and conversing over memorable times throughout their lives
  • Laundering, Beauty/Barber Shop Services & Activities Program – Amenities and wellness offerings that assist with the activities of daily living, promote self-esteem and foster socialization


Also through Grace Healthcare Support Services’ model of Graceful Living, we find it a privileged opportunity to support the facility teams that serve residents and their families. Our Grace support team understands that the quality of care is dependent on each and every one of the facility employees and the spirit in which they perform their work. We believe in commending employees who go above and beyond in providing care and improving resident and family experiences.

We promote the CLASS Acts program to applaud those employees.

Everyone in a facility, including team members, residents and families, are encouraged to recognize employees they see performing a CLASS Act. Cards are conveniently and prominently located throughout the facilities to make it easy to nominate an individual as soon as they are seen doing something special.

Then, each facility team shares the stories of how their team members performed CLASS Acts at least once a month, and these stories inspire us all!


  • Displays genuine concern for the welfare of others
  • Puts oneself in someone else’s shoes
  • Is kindhearted, considerate & caring


  • Demonstrates “doing the right thing” with actions that set the pace
  • Is a positive influence & role model for others
  • Inspires others to work hard


  • Exhibits pride & puts his/her “signature” on their work
  • Shows passion, desire & enthusiasm
  • Operates with a “can-do” attitude by looking for solutions rather than pointing out barriers


  • Prevents a resident or employee incident
  • Suggests an improvement in a safety process (this process should actually be implemented & result in resident or employee injury reduction)

SERVICE for others!

  • Conveys excellence in follow-up & follow-through
  • Demonstrates a commitment to quality of care
  • Exceeds customer expectations